The Digital Justice Strategy Steering Committee, hereafter referred to as ‘the Committee’, is set-up by the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry responsible for Justice. It is a multidisciplinary committee with powers to oversee and implement the digitalisation of justice in line with the Digital Justice Strategy Malta 2022 – 2027.


The mandate of the Committee is to:

Ensure the implementation of the DJS by prioritizing actions and mobilizing resources for the attainment of the strategic objectives outlined in the DJS;

In order to fulfill this mandate, the Committee shall:

  1. Set up the project teams that will address the operational priorities of the DJS;
  2. Ensure that all justice stakeholders bring all ICT initiatives to the attention of the Committee in order to secure alignment with the DJS and other relevant national strategies;
  3. Guide and assist and when requested, provide direction to the Project Teams to employ a strategic outlook in the fulfillment of their remits in order to maximise project outputs and avoid siloing and/or duplication of resources;
  4. Supervise the execution of Action Plans detailing the strategic goals that will be achieved, together with the project timeframes and project milestones;
  5. Review progress against established Action Plans and ensure that the DJS and Action Plan is continuously aligned to national and EU developments in the field of digital justice;
  6. Ensure that the deadlines are being observed by the Project Teams and that the projected deliverables and outputs are being met;
  7. Ensure coordination and cooperation between all relevant stakeholders;
  8. Provide assistance, direction and monitoring of the budgetary planning and necessary budgetary allocations to secure sufficient funds for the successful implementation of the DJS, from the relevant stakeholders;
  9. Monitor the progress of all digital justice initiatives, evaluate potential risks to successful implementation and develop related contingency plans;
  10. Propose national policy within the field of the digitalisation of justice;
  11. Task continuous and timely audit of the strategy implementation process in order to ensure a consistent quality implementation process;
  12. Continuously inform the general public of the progress achieved in the implementation of the DJS through a dedicated portal set-up for this purpose;
Members of the SC

The Digital Justice Strategy Steering Committee shall be composed of:

  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry Responsible for Justice  – Chairperson
  • Chief Information Officer, Ministry Responsible for Justice – Deputy Chairperson
  • Representative of the Judiciary – Member 
  • CEO, Court Services Agency – Member
  • Attorney General – Member
  • State Advocate – Member
  • Representative of the Chamber of Advocates – Member
  • Representative of – Member
  • RDPU, Office of the Permanent Secretary – Secretary to the Committee

The Committee shall meet, at least, every 2 months or more frequently depending on the exigencies of the implementation process. A forward schedule of the meetings shall be organised and distributed to all members by the Secretary to the Committee. An agenda shall be circulated by the Secretary to the Committee prior to each scheduled meeting. Meeting minutes shall also be distributed following every meeting.

Project Teams

The Project Teams shall be set-up by the Committee and will present monthly update reports to the Committee charting their progress against the agreed time-plan. Meetings with the Project Teams shall be set-up as required.