Minister for Justice Attending the Digital Justice Strategy Steering Committee

The Minister for Justice, the Hon. Dr. Jonathan Attard, attended the Digital Justice Strategy Steering Committee meeting where he was introduced to the work being carried out on the implementation of the Malta Digital Justice Strategy 2022 – 2027.

The Digital Justice Strategy is based on a set of fundamental and strategic principles that utilises technological building blocks to achieve better access to justice, a digital by default mindset, valid and reliable analytic capabilities whilst at the same time ensuring that the digital skills and competencies of all users are enriched. Most projects identified as major contributors towards the transition to a digitalised justice system shall be funded by the Resilience and Recovery Funds, secured by the Ministry for Justice.

During today’s meeting, the first tranche of project teams that will operationalise the Strategy has been approved. In the coming weeks, the number of tenders related to identified actions shall also be published.

In the meantime, the DG-Reform, EC, selected the Digital Justice Strategy Project as a ‘Project in the Spotlight’ for the month of April